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“5 Cheap Ways to Market Your Book.”

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5 Cheap Ways to Market Your Book.

by Staff,

Green Light Books & Publishing, LLC

1. Sell your book in an online bookstore.

GL Books offers such a bookstore via it’s online website.  It will only cost you 25 cents per day (with no charges for weekend advertisement).  In addition, Green Light Books and Publishing, LLC will market your book via the internet and other venues so that you can sell your book online and promote it in places where your book has not been before.

2. Have a press release published in your local newspaper.

A press release serves as an inexpensive way to market your book to your local community and others.  It will also give new readers an opportunity to connect with you as an author and be introduced to your book.

3. Do more public speaking.

Although public speaking is one of the number one fears, it’s also one of the easiest ways to drum up interest in your local book.  Instead of this costing you money, it in fact creates additional revenue.  Enjoy!!!

4. Send emails to your friends

Do your friends know about your book?  If not, emailing your friend serves as a great means to tell them.  Send all your friends an email that tells them about your book.  Ask all of your friends to purchase a copy of it.

5. Write a nugget about your book on your Facebook page.

With so many people looking to the Internet for updates on their friends, colleagues, and professional contacts, it only makes sense to post a status update concerning your book on your Facebook wall.  One nugget a week concerning your book could lead you to the jackpot of having all of your friends, colleagues, and professional contacts purchase your book.


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